Wedding Ceremony Music


Dancing Feet Ceilidh Band wedding ceremony music

This is the most important part of your wedding day, and choosing the right music and musicians can make all the difference. We can guide you through what is required and help you to select the music that means something to you. We are happy to learn your favourite song for the day, and can make recomendations if you like.

Below are some examples of music we have used in the past....



We offer a duo for the wedding ceremony, and they play the following instruments:

Kate - flute, alto saxophone, backing vocals

Roddy - fiddle, pipes, guitar, vocals

Most people choose instrumental performances for their wedding ceremony music, but if you would like a song to be sung, that is of course a possibility.

This is a beautiful Scott Skinner tune that we recently used to play a bride down the aisle in Huntingtower Castle

This is a French Scottishe, a kind of dance tune played on flute and fiddle. We have lots of tunes like this.

This is a lovely tune from Sweden, which works well for the signing of the register.

A jig on flute and guitar, another one that would work well for the signing of the register, or your recessional if you want to stick with something Scottish!

This is another French tune, we think this is lovely recessional music as it is so happy!

This is an example of a song on flute and guitar - you can request your favourite and we will learn it!

A Shetland reel, we have lots of tunes like this, reels, jigs, stathspeys etc, that we can play for your ceremony or drinks reception.