Audio & Visual

The Dancing Feet Ceilidh Band sound is based on traditional Scottish and Irish music rather than traditional ceilidh. It is fuelled with passion and fire from the duelling flute and fiddle, spiced up with the sound of pipes and saxophone, accompanied by live loops created on the guitar, fiddle and electronic cajon.

The lineup is Roddy on fiddle, pipes, guitar, cajon and vocals (he also does all the looping!) and Kate on flute, sax, backing vocals and calling.

The sound is very dancey, so if you are looking for a groovy ceilidh band then this is it!

If this is all too much and you need time to put your Dancing Feet up for 5 minutes, but still have a great atmosphere, the band offer a mix of songs and tune sets from their extensive repertoire of folk songs to keep the ambience rich and inviting. Here you can see some youtube clips of the band in action, and listen to some sound clips on soundcloud.




Two Piece Ceilidh Band 

Dancing Feet Celidh band in France 2014

Four Piece Ceilidh Band

Dancing Feet Celidh band Lucky 7