My guests have never attended a ceilidh, do you explain the dances?

We’re used to calling for crowds of mixed ability, as well as novices, and make sure no one is left sitting at the side because they “don’t know how to dance”.

What dances do you do?

All the old favourites such as the Dashing White Sergeant, Gay Gordons and Strip the Willow, plus a few more unusual ones; we’re also happy to take requests. We can provide you with a more extensive list of our dances, and in the unlikely event that we don’t know the dance you suggest, we’re always willing to extend our repertoire!

Can you provide a disco?

We are happy  for you to provide your own playlist on an iPod, tablet or laptop, and we’ll plug it into our PA system. We provide the leads, you just need to bring along the music. We are also happy to work alongside DJs.

Can you supply music during the break?

Yes, we play modern folk/traditional set lists.

Do you do covers?

No, we’re all full time professional folk musicians, so we play what we play best!

Can we give you a song to learn for our first dance?

Of course! We just need plenty of notice, preferably just after booking us.

Can one of my guests perform a song with the band?

Yes, just give us advance notice – one of the band members will probably liaise with the person directly.

How long do you play for?

We usually do two sets of up to 90 minutes with a break in between. We work out the timings according to your requirements, but recommend allowing each set to run for a minimum of 1 hour. We can schedule breaks according to your catering schedule, so for example if you just want a 2 hour ceilidh, we can take a 5 minute breather in the middle of the set, if you’re not serving food. The maximum timeframe, including break, for a ceilidh is usually 4 hours.

Can I arrange a late finish after midnight?

Yes, this will incur a fee.

Can you provide lighting?

We have stage lights.

What do you require from the venue?

We need access to two electric sockets (we have our own extension leads), two chairs with no arms and a small table to put our mixer on.

Do we need a stage and/or dance floor?

Neither is necessary – space is the important thing, we need a minimum 3m by 5m performance space, and a level surface to dance on.

Can I come and listen to you play?

To find out when we’re next performing visit our Facebook page - otherwise you can ask us if you want to see us live before booking.

How far can you travel for an event?

We play all over Scotland, UK and abroad. For longer distances, we’ll need accommodation. This can be negotiated – either you can provide it for us or we can incorporate the cost of accommodation into the final fee and arrange it out ourselves.

Will you require refreshments?

If we’re travelling a long way we’ll certainly need to eat at some point in the evening and anything you can do to facilitate this is greatly appreciated!

If you have any other questions or require a quote, get in touch.