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About Us

When Kate & Roddy formed Dancing Feet Ceilidh Band in 2007, the idea was to bring new energy and life into ceilidh…and from there it turned into their passion. Not happy with conquering the British Isles, Dancing Feet annually tour France in March and play music all the way down to the South. Playing for French dance associations coloured their musical life, infusing all influences gathered on their journey to make them one of the most progressive and innovative Ceilidh Bands out there.

As if this wasn’t quite enough, in the summer of 2014 Dancing Feet attempted to break the world record for the Worlds Biggest Ceilidh! 1500 willing participants lined the streets of St Andrews, but they didn’t quite strip the willow…well, not this time.

We have found a way of making a big sound with a small band. We have created this new sound using a loop pedal to build up the rythm and backing – this is all done live, there are no backing tracks. The fiddle, guitar and cahon can all be looped, giving a great backing to the flute, fiddle pipes and sax that are so distinctive in the Dancing Feet sound.

A unique ceilidh duo that is perfect for those that want something a bit different. And it's great for both small parties and large events.


Meet the band

Kate Badcock - flute player - sax player - caller - fife ceilidh bands - perthshire ceilidh bands

Kate Badcock. plays flute and saxophone in the band and call most of the dances. She studied classical music, and has been playing traditional/folk music for 25 years now –Kate spent 10 years in Ireland, consequently has a large repertoire of Irish tunes as well as Scottish ones. She spent her formative years busking throughout Europe, and has picked up a large collection of tunes along the way from all over.


Roddy and Kate met 12 years ago, and started playing together. They discovered a mutual passion not only for Irish and Scottish music, but also music from all corners of Europe, playing tunes from Galicia to Scandinavia to the Balkans – this inevitably seeps into the ceilidh set!

This is Roddy Johnston. He plays the pipes, fiddle and sings in the band, as well as helping  with the calling and generally keeping you all entertained.  Roddy grew up in a musical family in Angus, and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Scottish music and song. 


Roddy Johnston - fiddle player - piper - singer - caller - fife ceilidh bands - edinburgh ceilidh bands